Cocktail dresses for women with curves

It can be difficult to find party and cocktail dresses if you have curves. Either the top may be too small or the bottom may be too narrow. Just because you have curves doesn’t mean you are plus size right? Fzillion understands this and has a few designs and styles that may be right for you.
For curvy women, Fzillion suggests a maxi dress such as the one designed by Elizabeth and James. This cocktail formal dress is available in navy and black in a solid color designed with a thigh-high front slit, long sleeves, and mesh lining. This dress will beautifully and tactfully show off your curves all around. The versatility of this dress enables you to accessorize it with multiple shoe styles and jewelry accents.

A beautiful skirt gown is another style of formal cocktail dresses for women to accentuate your curvy figure. ReemAcra and Jill Stuart offer a couple of skirt gowns designed with a high waistline to allow the bottom half of the dress to flow over your hips.
Another curve finding, curve-flattering style is the pencil dress or pencil skirt dress. This style comes with a high waist with a wider cut attached skirt. Most often available as a sleeveless dress, you can add a short jacket to complete the look for a night out. Fzillion designers Self Portrait, Alex Perry, and Cushiest Ochs offer sexy cocktail dresses for women with curves.
If you aren’t looking to show off your curves but want to find some cocktail and party dresses for a night out a tunic or swing top style is the right choice. These styles are often cut above the knee but have a more open loose-fitting design that rests on your curves without showcasing them. These free flowing dresses are perfect for warm to mild weather and look great for casual occasions.


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