The Best Styles of Casual Dresses

Finding the right dress to wear in different environments can be hard. You probably have a hard time sorting out the difference between casual from too casual. You don’t want to dress too casual for a formal event but you also don’t want to dress too formal at a casual event. What to do? The following highlights a few styles of casual dress to help you pick out your wardrobe for any situation that calls for a casual but not too casual dress.0fe7420e006f92568e8cc9cc8b77ab8e_8

Weekender: You work hard all week so finding some nice ladies casual dresses is a must have! You have several options for casual weekend wear. During the summer, some nice casual summer dresses are often short with bright colors, patterns, or floral prints.
Casual Friday: Monday through Thursday you probably wear dresses, pant suits, skirts, etc. that are nice and professional but if your office has a casual Friday policy take advantage of it! A structured sheath dress from Milly is a double knit viscose/polyester blend with a hem that sits just above the knee. This dress comes with a zip back and classic turtleneck. This dress is versatile as it is sleeveless so you can wear it on casual Friday or add a jacket and wear it to any meeting or any other day of the week.
Beach: There is no reason to sacrifice comfort for style for a nice beach casual dress. Maxi dresses make great beach casual wear. If you’re looking for a simple cover up for your sexy bikini before you shed it and head for the water the arti shirtdress by Rodebjer would be a nice beach dress. Looking for a fun dress you can wear the whole time you’re at the beach if you don’t plan on getting in the water? The tribal beach cabana v neck by LuliFama is affordable and fun. All dresses mentioned can be found at with 3-day free shipping and free returns if you decide to change your mind.


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