A White Wedding

This term originates from the colour of the wedding dress. A bride normally wears a white party dress specially made for a wedding with a veil or gloves as an option. This term goes for the entire Western wedding routine. The wedding generally includes a traditional ceremony, during which the marriage begins and the bride wears a white party dress while the groom is suited in a formal pant and suit. This is followed by a reception for the invited guests.



Keep it a surprise
Nowadays, the bride and groom throw a pre-wedding party dress in which the bride appears in a white party dress as well. This party is usually kept a week before the actual dinner. It is not necessary for the bride to wear a white party dress on the rehearsal dinner as well, yet it is better to keep it a surprise.

Keep your body in mind
When shopping for a white party dress for your wedding, take a couple of your girlfriends along with you for honest advice. Choose a dress style suited for your body type. These dresses vary from full-sleeved dresses to off the shoulder dresses. Take your time to try on different dresses and see what suits you best. Add a veil and if you are going for a traditional look.

Jewellery should be kept simple and elegant. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Choose a Jewellery piece that goes well with your dress and doesn’t over power it. Wearing a tiara is also an old classic and make the bride look extremely beautiful and pretty as this an accessory a woman is hardly seen in. Flowers can be worn on the head to or behind the ear. Your hairstyle can also be accessorised with small or big flowers ranging from tulips and lilies to white roses or even red.

In any case, any dress you choose will make you a beautiful bride nevertheless. Just concentrate on having the time of your life on your special day and go easy on yourself.


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