Ray-Ban Wayfarers – Timeless Glasses

Over the years, Ray-Ban continues to impress its customers by producing and marketing sunglasses which are not only durable and protective but also fashionable and timeless.


Back in its initial introduction, Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses stood out because of the way eyes got protection against extreme lighting. Ray Ban was first to take advantage of polarized technology, which gave body and bones to the dreams of Edwin Land and his team from the Polaroid Corporation.

The effective use of such technology made a huge impact in the field of eye protection. Making Wayfarers available in the market became the foundation of vision support and care. At the same time, the use of revolutionary materials other than metal frames caught fire and suited celebrity fashion. Simply, the dawn of Ray Ban Wayfarer made it possible for trendy, lightweight, protective and strong, to come together in an eyewear product. This had been one of those things which competitors only wished they had managed to bring to the market. It was not really surprising that other brands or companies produced their own versions which evidently look like Wayfarers.

Wayfarers were developed to provide the needed shade and protection for the eyes, especially in very bright places (think snow and beaches). Wayfarer owners and users could all attest that these sunglasses were able to deliver protection and served as the aid to vision. In addition, customers were happy for they had more than enough choices in terms of frame colors, tints of the lens, and sizes. For example, Ray Ban Wayfarer tortoise units, as well as the black Wayfarer sunglasses always make the sold-out list in stores!

Ray-Ban has now redesigned the Wayfarer to reflect the change of times. The original version was twice or thrice the size of eye sockets; the new Wayfarer makes were noticeably smaller compared to those earlier manufactured. The modern twist is about being less obtrusive to the face. More than the combo of classic style and more modern look, Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are still in demand because they are known to deliver the sought-after eye protection.


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