Wayfarer Ray Ban New and Old Designs are Top Picks of Celebs!

There may be no other fashion accessory which owes its popularity to celebrities more than the Wayfarer Ray Ban has produced and successfully promoted. Ray-Ban Wayfarers have hung on famous noses for more than six decades already.



First designed and patented by Raymond Stegeman in early 1950s, the Wayfarers’ introduction had been treated as revolutionary back then. Wayfarer Style Sunglasses stood out in the middle of hundreds of models of traditional competitors, all of which contained metals as frames. More than the visual appeal and comfort of the design, the frame of Wayfarer glasses was attributed to celebrity acceptance and actual usage.

Fast forward to about 60 years. A question is born: will the revival of the original Wayfarer Classic be enticing for the modern famous personas, enough for them to wear one? The answer to this is immediately available with a quick browse to photos of the famous, be it on the Internet or other printed media. The list of celebs sporting the Wayfarer model includes Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, James Franco, and Jude Law, to name a few on the male side. The ladies’ list has Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Rihanna, and even Madonna.

After all those years of changes and challenges, why do people hugging the limelight choose these “revived” Ray Bans? And why do the ordinary audience find their way to buy the not so cheap Wayfarer Sunglasses? Is it because of the size of the new Ray Ban? RB2132 New Wayfarer, today’s modern design, is significantly smaller than those manufactured and sold since the 1950s. Less is more and trendy nowadays, so they say.

Is it because the brand is already an integral component of the lives of the famous and followed? Movies, sports games, MTVs, and live performances alike have all been decorated by the New Wayfarer. Why the model or brand is attractive to the mainstream show business, the reasons may all be subject to debate. But there is an undeniable fact: Wayfarers sunglasses remain to be a prominent portion of celebrity fashion today.


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