“Ray-Ban Wayfarers” Rediscovering a Classic Eyewear

So many trends in the world of fashion have come, gone, and become almost completely forgotten over the years. Remarkably, Wayfarer glasses seemingly enjoyed staying around a bit longer than most.


Definitely, Wayfarers are among the hottest and most glamorous SS that ever came to fashion-dom. These glasses have successfully remained in front of the fashion arena for several decades now. It is expected that this will continue over the next years to come as Wayfarer glasses are already seen as classically in demand. Cubelike, voluminous and dark, Wayfarers are rightful hallmarks of style and flair.

These epic glasses were first ushered in during the 1950s by Bausch and Lomb, the parent company of Ray-Ban. Initially, these glasses had frames of plastic, making room for them to gain fame and a seat in fashion at a relatively fast rate. Wayfarers gained wide acceptance after being considered as trademarks by the celebrity icons like Bob Dylan and US President John F. Kennedy. Michael Jackson, too, had regularly been seen donning the Wayfarer eyeglasses in the span of his long career in show business.

Wayfarers back then were manufactured through implementing a breakthrough technology in molding plastic. And because of that, the coming of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses is regarded as a period of transition in eyewear; it marked the beginning of plastic use in creating eyeglasses. No one is 100% sure about the main reason behind Wayfarers’ rapid climb to success, although the marketing and promotional approaches of Ray Ban are truly commendable. At some distinguishable points in the history of sunglasses, Wayfarers almost succumbed to extinction before getting revived, regaining popularity and profitability alongside it.

More than being fashion accessories, Wayfarers are regarded as the best sunglasses which have effectively utilized polarized technology. These dark glasses are able to protect the wearers’ eyes from penetrating and damaging rays of the sun, as well as reflections caused by waters and snow. Ray-Ban Wayfarers have been originally created to capture the male audience. Today, the Wayfarer Ray Ban revived is a popular choice for men and women alike.


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