Top 2 Sunglasses for the Stylish Women of 2016

In the hearts of ladies, sunglasses are both a mark of glamour and at the same time a useful accessory. Nothing comes close to articulate smartness and pushes more than a pair of the trendy shades. A smart route to take to determine the best is to evaluate the brand and the model in accordance with the preferences of the wearer.

In no particular order, below is a listing of the top 2 sunglasses for women today:

Ray Ban – This is the brand that needs a very little introduction as the people behind are vanguards and innovators in the industry of sunglasses. It comes as no surprise for them to make it in any top list of designer shades. Ray Ban Wayfarer folding, classic or RB2132 New Wayfarer sunnies are usually included in the best sellers of any category!

Tommy Hilfiger – The American brand Tommy Hilfiger may just be the perfect fit for you if you are a fan of high-street fashion. Tommy Hilfiger shades are trying to capture the hearts of youngsters and the young at heart. The designs for the ladies are seen as a mixture of being sexy and smart, and thus appealing for the young fashionistas.

Oakley – This is a leading brand name when talking about eyewear for the sports fanatics and health buffs. Oakley sunglasses are able to add style to sports, and the best-sellers are those models fit for women who have a hectic lifestyle. Famous makes for the active ladies include the large wrap around frames and feminine teardrop designed ones.

Carrera – The unique selling point of the Carrera brand may be the artful combination of boldness, stylistic, yet classic designs. Consequently, the Carrera sunnies for ladies are perpetually in high demand. They have Aviators, Wayfarer glasses, with oval-shaped designs and rectangular ones joining their top sellers list. A Carrera pair of glasses perfectly fits the woman with prominent and revealing characteristics.

That’s it! Women’s Wayfarer sunglasses will usually take the top spot, so you can never go wrong with them.


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