Wayfarer Sunglasses – Health and Personality in a Fashion Accessory

A preferred accessory of celebrities, designer sunglasses are now seen as multi-functional. If we talk about the industry, it is almost impossible not to talk about Ray Ban. If we talk about models of sunglasses, the Wayfarer glasses are sure to come up.


Shades do not only protect eyes from detrimental effects of over-exposure to the sun. Protective eyewear is likewise effective in hiding eyes that are tired. At times, sunglasses signify that the wearer is up to date when it comes to fashion, and may make or break those red carpet scenarios. As shades are becoming more available, displaying an aura of a superstar is likewise becoming more possible for more commoners.

Specialists in the field of eye care incessantly promote putting on sunglasses any moment you come out into the open, where the sun is the principal lighting source. And they are doing this out of concern for the eye health of the general public. Some eye experts even debate about how the harmful effects of UV rays are being outright neglected. This negligence almost always results in certain eye failures and problems which are no longer easy to circumvent.

Yet it cannot be denied that there is something more than just the health issues addressed as a result of wearing tinted glasses. The wearing of sun shades has been really about personality and class since its first introduction. Years after appearing in the market, classic makes like the Aviator or Wayfarer are now seen as foundations of fashion. Next thing we know, imitations are all over! In its strictest sense, this copycat phenomenon also contributed to the flourishing of the dark glasses industry.

The entry of plastic-framed Wayfarer sunglasses was groundbreaking at that time in 1956. New material and face-dominating design set these glasses apart from the metal-framed ones of which had been the standard those days. At least two periods in history, there had been more than enough grounds to completely stop production of the Ray Ban Wayfarer model. However, they are now enjoying a rebirth through the creation of RB2132 New Wayfarer, and have returned in glamour since the 2000s.


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