Lessons Learned in the History of the Classic Ray Ban Wayfarers

Without question, the Wayfarers Ray Ban created are among the best-selling sunglasses that the world has seen. Taking a closer look, there are so many fashion trends which have arrived, gone, and later just became parts of history pages that were not remembered by many.


Wayfarer sunglasses apparently are able to stay around longer than most trends in fashion, dominating old and newer competitors alike. It is expected that Ray Ban Wayfarers will remain at the forefront of the fashion realm in the next years to come, as these have successfully done so for about six decades now. Box-like, dark and oversized, Wayfarers claimed a seat not only in the hall of fame of fashion but also in the hearts of people.

The classical Wayfarer glasses first came in the 1950s through Ray Ban’s parent company Bausch and Lomb. Even during their initial distribution, the Wayfarers had frames made up of plastic. Being able to effectively use the new plastic molding technology back then, manufacturing and selling the Wayfarer helped develop Ray Ban as an innovator and pioneer in the industry. The Ray Ban Wayfarer attracted massive acceptance after being attached to famous public figures like entertainer Bob Dylan and the US President of the day in the person of John F. Kennedy. Michael Jackson the King of Pop, was likewise had been seen from time to time putting on Wayfarer sunglasses during his long showbiz career.

Ray Ban’s promotional strategies back then are truly notable. However, no one is fully convinced that he knows the main reason behind the rapid climb to success of the Wayfarer as a model of sunglasses and Ray Ban as a distinct brand. Truth be told, Wayfarers haven’t really enjoyed fame all throughout history, as this particular model almost gave in to discontinuation before its revival, reclaiming of fame and eventually returning to profitability. Even though Wayfarer glasses were originally created to capture the male audience, these shades are a popular choice for both men and women of today.


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