Mother of the Bride Gown Styles You Should Check Out

Everyone knows how stressful planning a wedding can be. That’s why many brides choose to outsource the daunting task to wedding planners. Whether you are shopping for some mother wedding dresses yourself or outsourcing it, Fzillion is a great place to start. The following offers tips and advice for finding a style for a mother of the bride in various shapes and sizes.

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Plus Size: Plus size dresses for mother of the bride are often slouchy and frumpy looking. Fzillion offers hundreds of dresses in modern styles and colours to help you find that perfect plus size mother of the bride dress. First off, try looking at plus size mother of the bride dresses tea length. Tea length dresses fit below the knee but above the ankle. These are modest lengths for the mother who doesn’t want to reveal too much above the ankle but not something that falls completely to the floor. After all, you wouldn’t want the mother of the bride to trip on some long mother of the bride dresses do you?

Is the mother embarrassed by her arms? No worries, Fzillion offers plus size mother of the bride dresses with sleeves. Mothers are picky, stubborn, and hard to shop for, however; shopping online for plus size formal mother of the bride dresses is easy with Fzillion. With free returns and 3-day free shipping, you have plenty of time to help the mother of the bride find a dress she can feel comfortable and stylish in.

Petite: Petite mother of the bride dresses should be short but not too short. A shorter hem to make a petite mother of the bride appear taller. A dress with a high waist also adds the illusion of inches to your height. Knee length mother of the bride dresses may work for petite women as well as long as the bride isn’t very tall either. Just remember, make your main source for finding cheap dresses online for any occasion.